Sunday 6th 2023 The Hub, Port Royal, Sidmouth Esplanade

12.30pm Registration – Outside Ham Marquee

1pm Uke Stroud perform a programme of Horsey songs

1.30 pm The Trials Begin – Entrance of the Beasts

1.35 pm Introduction and presentation of the Judges
Stephen Rowley (Ringmaster)

1.40pm The Sidmouth Horse Trials
Each entrant will be introduced and set through its paces.

2.30pm Parade of the Beasts
Whilst the judging panel cogitate, ruminate and digest the
performances, the beasts will cavort on mass for the audience

The Aardman Trophy
Presented by Aardman founder Peter Lord

Horses disperse Eeyore-like to their dingy, dark stables for another year.

Hobby Horse of the Year Show