Announcing the Sidmouth Virtual Horse Trials 2020

Calling all Hobby Horses and Beasts of Disguise.

With the cancellation of Sidmouth Folk Week, the obvious thing would be to postpone the horse trials until next year, but…

…what would we do with the 2020 trophy?   It was already engraved.

So we announcing The Sidmouth Virtual Horse Trials.

This gives a unique opportunity for beasts that so far have been unable to participate because they have been unable to get to Sidmouth Folk Week. So this year we are able to go International.

You have just one week to send us a video that shows off the character and style of your hobby horse, dragon, sheep, cow, dinosaur, chicken, salmon, rat, pig, elephant, unicorn, zebroid, mythical beast, alter ego, fantasy etc.

Be creative – We really want to know what a hobby horse does in lockdown.
Don’t forget to put your creative juices into the Entry Form as well.

Deadline for entries 9am 20th July

How to Enter